The visual works are combinations of different experiences, often using present and past, which are being shaped into a contextual form. These forms, either moving images or stills, that occur from this method, hold a suggestive visual stimulus in which times and worlds melt.
If you have to point out one single motif that dominated the history of art, it all comes down to the beauty of women. Ronald Lindgreen decided to embrace that inheritance and make the most out of it.
His heroine characters do not only have beauty, but also a motherly aura combined with a strict facial expression which suggests there is more to a beautiful face than meets the eye.
The quaint relationship between the body elements and the curvaceous feminine lines reveal the desire for unrestrained proto-erotic conceptions - and misconceptions as well - which dominated mens imagination and reality, becoming truly timeless classics throughout all history, and not only art.
Being born in former Yugoslavia, raised and educated in The Netherlands and living in Croatia makes Ronald a true European spirit who contemplates and inhales life in both the northwest and the southeast of the Old Continent and understands the clash between formal and wild, overpolite and truculent - cold north and incandescent south.

Barbara Vujanović, Boonika exhibition, 2013

Zabok, Croatia 2017
Zagreb, Croatia 2017
Zagreb, Croatia 2017
Sisak, Croatia 2016
Sisak, Croatia 2016
Zabok, Croatia 2017
Zagreb, Croatia 2013
Zagreb, Croatia 2013

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